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Steven Holton The Lathe Junkie

Steven Holton
The Lathe Junkie

I have been working with wood since I was at Grand Ledge High School in the early 70’s.  A wood shop class turned me on to how much fun working with wood could be.  I learned basic woodworking skills and completed so many projects that I gave the person in the grade book under me a better grade since the teacher ran out of room by my name.  I once made a bottle lamp with a heavy base, cut the base off, made a bowl out of it, then cut the bowl and added it back to the original lamp to get 3 project grades out of the same piece.

My best project was my Grandfather Clock that won 1st place in the youth talent contest and was the first one built in my High School.  I also completed a dulcimer, electric guitar, electric banjo, toboggans and a chess table along with numerous lamps and speaker cabinets.  There are pictures of several of these items on my gallery pages.

Fast forward to 2010.  This is when my Aunt, who loves to enter all contests, won a full size Jet Lathe.  Since none of her own children wanted it, she offered it to me at a price I couldn’t refuse.  This started my journey with wood turning.  Since then I have been turning every piece of wood that I can get my hands on in my shop in the central Michigan area.  I love to work with different types of woods and finishes, but hardwoods are my favorite.  Each piece of wood guides me as to what it wants to become in the end.

When I’m not working with my lathe, I enjoy spending time with my family, camping and showing my classic car.  You can see more about that on my Classic Car Page.

Thank you for looking at my website and your interest in my art.