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Calling all Wizards, Witches, Harry Potter Fans, and all others who need a little Magic!

Lathe Junkie wands are all hand turned originals.  These are not made with resin and glue like you might see elsewhere.  Each one is hand crafted and turned on a lathe using reclaimed wood.  The magic and beauty in the wood guides me in the design of each wand.  There are similar styles and wood types, but no two wands are exactly the same.

You may find wands that are similar in style and color to ones you have seen in movies but none are exact copies.  The beauty and craftsmanship of my wands speak for themselves.

You will find wands that are more expensive, but I believe in producing a high quality item at an affordable price.


I Appreciate Wood......

Trees are beautiful living things that purify the air, provide shade and homes to wildlife.  Many times their life is cut short due to storms, disease or man.  I work with reclaimed wood from trees that have had their life cut short.  Most of this wood has come from central Michigan and Ohio from trees that have suffered storm damage or have had to be taken down for some reason.  I find the beauty within the wood to help the tree live on through my art as a one of a kind creation that can be used and enjoyed for many years to come. 

Box Elder Bowl

All of my creations are lovingly hand turned on my lathe.  The wood speaks to me to show me the bowl, bottle or vessel it has inside.  Many long hours are spent on each piece designing, turning, sanding and finishing it into a piece of art.  Although some are similar in size, shape and color; no two pieces are exactly the same. This gives you a one of a kind unique piece.  Bowls have a natural wood finish to show off the true wood color and beautiful grains. Some have natural worm tracks, cracks, knots, spalting and other features that occurred while it was growing or after it was taken down.  Every bowl is signed and numbered including the month and year it was made as well as the type of wood.

Birch Bowl

Birch Bowl

You will be proud to show off these bowls as a décor item but they have plenty of other uses.  Place one by the front door or on your dresser as a place to drop your keys, wallet, change and phone so you always know where they are.  All bowls have a food safe finish and are meant to be used.  Use them for salads, popcorn, bread making or just about anything in the kitchen.  You will find lots of other uses too. Don’t forget about gift giving; hand crafted wood bowls make a great gift for Birthday's, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Weddings or just about any occasion.  If you are looking for a piece of art for yourself or to give as a gift, visit my Gallery pages to view the items that are currently for sale.  Each piece is finished and ready to ship right away. 

 Gallery Pages......

Visit our Gallery Pages to see the bowls and other items that I have created so far.  This will allow you to view bowls by wood type and see the artistic beauty of each wood.  You will find that no two bowls are alike even when made with wood from the same tree.  Each different part of the tree produces its own unique bowl.  Come back often as my Gallery is always being added to as I complete new project.



 On-Line Ordering......

You will find all of my current items on sale in my Etsy Shop; The Lathe Junkie.  My items make a perfect gift for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays or any other special occasion.  This store has all of the bowls, wands, and other items that are currently available.  Each item shown is available for immediate shipment.  Be sure to visit often as our selection is always changing.